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Vertical diffusion furnace

The main application of this device in integrated circuits, discrete devices, power electronic devices melting welding production, diffusion, sintering, heat treatment and annealing process of.
The main technical indicators:
Methods: heating vertical, ring wall, bell jar lifting type, screw conveyor feeding, automatic feeding, vacuum chamber is equipped with a workpiece support
Can handle wafer size: 2-8 inch
Constant temperature zone length: 400-800mm
Working temperature: 400-1250 degree.
Temperature control accuracy of ± 1 degrees:
The effective working space: s 350* high 700mm; (the size can be made according to the process requirements)
The vacuum unit: using 2x-8 mechanical pump and turbo molecular pump (or diffusion pump)
Vacuum: the ultimate vacuum 5*10-4.
Process gas: N2/H2/Ar/O2 (optional according to process requirements);
Pressure: 0.02 - 0.2MPa
Cooling water pressure: 0.2 - 0.4MPa
The power supply voltage: 380V; total power: 22KW
Function characteristics:
All Chinese Windows interface, can edit the parameters, convenient operation.
★ can save a plurality of process curve, each curve can be set step. Automatic operation control function
★ process curve. Making
★ automatic operation can pause / continue running function.
★ process can be forced to jump to the next process step function. Making
★ intelligent temperature gradient function.
★ PID parameters self-tuning function.
★ system failure detection and alarm function .
★ blackouts breakpoint resume operation function.
★ process gas program control (electromagnetic valve / mass flow controller).
★ according to the special requirements of users increase or decrease the corresponding function.

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