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Chain (tunnel) oven

§Chain drying furnace is mainly used for semiconductor devices, integrated circuits and other metallic shell airtight packaging, glass containers and various parts under the protection of the hydrogen and nitrogen drying, curing, carrying capacity, and the use of water, gas power converter control sensor alarm and overtemperature protection alarm function. YH-G series chain stove with automatic ignition device, and no water alarm, alarm off N2, H2 alarm off, ignition off the alarm, stop with alarm, high temperature alarm, discharging alarm to choose
The main technical indicators:
★ Working temperature: 200 ℃ -1100 ℃
★ Temperature control accuracy: ± 2 ℃
★ Furnace Size: according to customer requirements
★ heating zone :3-12 segment
★ Cooling: water / air cooling / cooling
★ belt speed :30-500mm / min adjustable
★ Process gas: H2, N2, H2N2 mixed gas, Ar, etc.
★ Control: Precision Controller / Touch Screen Control / IPC micro-control system

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