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Well type vacuum furnace

§Mainly used for melting solder for electronics production, and diode modules sintering process operation.
First, the main technical indicators:
Method: pit, copper heating, heating area diameter of 380mm square.
Maximum temperature: 600 ℃
Working temperature: 500 ℃ or less.
Temperature accuracy: ± 2 ℃
Effective working space: Diameter 350mm × 350mm
Vacuum unit: 2x_8 mechanical pump 8 × 10-1
Vacuum machine degrees: mechanical pump limit.
Process gas: N2, H2, Ar. Pressure :0.1-0 .2 Mpa
Cooling water: pressure 0. 2-0.4MPa
Power supply voltage: 380 V
Total power: 10KW / per tube

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