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Qingdao education hao company again at SEMICON CHINA 2012

中国首屈一指的半导体产业年度盛会—SEMICON China 2012在上海新国际博览中心成功举办。本届展会推出2000余个展台,吸引1000多家展商参展及50000多名专业观众参观,同期还举办了相关的研讨会增强了与会者之间的交流。
青岛育豪公司不仅以36㎡特装展位的崭新形象亮相SEMICON China,还参加了SNEC(2012)国际太阳能光伏大会,展位号为E10 321,欢迎各位前来参观咨询。

Zhu Yuping company deputy general manager and sales department, technical department, research and development department as well as the related leaders and companies are attended the exhibition. This exhibition shows our company's latest products and main products, diffusion furnace system, thin oxide diffusion, the diffusion furnace, chain furnace, crystal growth, VGF/VB and HGF/HB, PVD; Vacuum furnace system, and the diffusion furnace accessories, etc.

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