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Net development belt furnace

Net development belt furnace:

The mesh belt furnace production line adopts no pollution DX gas tempering Blackening Technology, no pollution by tempering heat black technology has replaced traditional blackening pollution. Thermal pollution belt is zero.

Detail mesh belt furnace:

After more than half a century of development, the first generation of the mesh belt furnace from oxidizing atmosphere heating gradually developed to the second generation of protective atmosphere, less or non oxidation heating, and progress to the third generation of the controlled atmosphere heat, the fourth generation computer management, in the 21st century, mesh belt furnace is how to develop the mesh belt furnace characteristics?

This heat treatment furnace with net development power and other products from the market demand, development results from technology. China's reform and opening-up policy dramatically promote and accelerate the development of heat treatment industry.

The mesh belt furnace technology of the 21st century will be with distinct features of the times, has four characteristics: heat treatment intelligent heat treatment, high quality of heat treatment, heat treatment, low cost clean.

1.1 intelligent heat treatment

Research and development personnel to use the latest CAD procedure and heat treatment database, computer simulation technology and control technology, the integrated control and management system is highly flexible, intelligent in the mesh belt furnace and its production line.

Future net belt furnace operator only needs a quantity, the workpiece will be treated drawings input computer, complete set of equipment will dispose of the products with high quality.

Has achieved the real-time multi project operations control. Such as the control of material thickness, mesh belt speed, temperature and carbon potential, etc.. The movable screen monitor and control batch feeding. Full process control, technology can store 9999. Can record the parameters detected by the operation conditions of equipment in (Part No., material, temperature and carbon potential, etc.) to a computer for processing and storage of records. Can at any time and print. Can store ten years recording. Password hierarchical control, fully layered. With the new furnace temperature program, stop furnace temperature program can effectively perform the heating process.

1.2 high quality heat treatment

Mass dispersion rate of zero, heat treatment distortion is zero. Quality control measures:

Feeding control system: weight, quantity, uniform controllable. The tipping bucket type, cup type, tape, ladder, vibration feeding system widely used. Feeding rhythm control, variable frequency speed regulation. The direction of automatic arrangement of parts. To achieve real-time monitoring the feeding thickness. Provide accurate execution process as heat from the source of.

Equipment temperature control: temperature stability of ± 1 ℃, temperature uniformity ± 10 ℃, cold treatment temperature uniformity is ± 5 ℃, switch temperature control will be eliminated.

Controlled atmosphere furnace: furnace atmosphere uniformity 0.05% oxygen probe, in addition to carbon air pump, the carbon potential control instrument, gas regulator reliably matched in the mesh belt furnace common color. For nitrogen methanol atmosphere. Methanol acetone (toluene) atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere etc.. Technical development technique combined with multiple carbon oxygen probe and infrared instrument potential control and other novel carbon potential control, not only can improve the carbon potential control precision and stability, also will be able to better adapt to a variety of gas preparation atmosphere. Dioxygen probe two carbon potential control technology of carburizing, carbonitriding carbonitriding layer quality further optimization control. The continuous emergence of mesh belt furnace water quenching water vapour eliminating device to stabilize the furnace atmosphere the carbon potential control precision. The new development of cracking of methanol, and widely used in furnace stirring fan, the atmosphere in the furnace uniformity can be further improved. The furnace shell seal welding method can not only save energy but also have long-term stability for the furnace atmosphere.

Quenching tank control: to ensure the workpiece hardness uniformity and reduce the deformation from simply reducing the previous cooling speed development to contribute to improve the cooling uniformity, quenching tank add speed strength blender, value flow, quenching tank emphasizes the uniform temperature quenching tank. Quenching tank temperature control. Computer cooling medium properties tester is widely accepted by users.

Heat treatment distortion control of quenching furnace; the hot extension in addition to stress. The fully enclosed with insulation controllable quenching oil groove. The uniformity of temperature 5 ℃ quenching medium. Anti knocking down quenching tank design feeding system and hoist. In order to reduce the control of bearing after machining micro deformation of bearing parts, the amount of residual austenite, mesh belt furnace production line in the quenching after the increase in cooling device will spread.

The heat treatment of 1.3 low cost

In twenty-first Century, with China's accession to the WT0, the enterprises of our country will in the international market competition, the market will be more urgent need of heat treatment equipment at. The heat treatment equipment quality will be the heat treatment equipment, low cost and not the low price of the heat treatment equipment. Heat treatment equipment cost is composed of five parts: equipment procurement costs, operating costs of equipment, equipment repair costs, equipment costs, 4T heat treatment failure handling fee.

Usually the equipment procurement costs only account for the total cost of equipment is 5 - 10%. This equipment manufacturers will not strive to provide heat treatment equipment, low price, but strive to provide heat treatment equipment and low cost.

According to the RMs (reliability, maintainability, security reliability maintainability supportability) engineering design and manufacture of mesh belt furnace was welcome.

Choice of furnace type: design from the first selection to the correct choice of muffle or without muffle furnace type.

Heat resistant steel for material: high quality Fe - Cr - Ni, Fe - Ni - Cr, Ni based alloy material, reasonable selection according to the working temperature range, the heat treatment process. So that the actual life and performance price ratio tends to be more reasonable. Muffle lifetime up to 2 - 5 years, net with 2 - 4 years, 5 years, a roller 1O radiation tube 2 - 4, 5 - 10 years of fan.

Material: common electrical meter using the high reliability PLC programmable controller, the SRC heating module, adaptive digital temperature control meter, carbon control instrument, in the whole life cycle can be realized in the failure free operation.

The sensing element selection: atmosphere control oxygen probe life of 1 years, the carbon potential control precision is ± 0.05%, thermocouple life more than 5 years, the control precision is ± 0.05%

The choice of refractory materials: the use of 0.48 ultra light anti carburizing bricks, ultra lightweight thermal insulation board, fire cotton, the life of 5 years.

The common defect prevention device: prevent parts knocking bumps pads; prevent parts about scattered baffle; prevent parts popping card bad.

Dynamic torque limiter mechanism; prevention part adhesion spray and brushing device: prevent parts adhesion trench tiga; prevent parts pits wash

Mountain type, drum type drying device to drain the liquid. Increase lengthen tempering furnace, ensuring high hardness uniformity etc..

(2) maintenance: fault automatic display; after the failure of the fault point before the automatic shutdown: sound and light alarm 3 is equipped with special repair tool etc..

(3) security: dedication to customer service, all for the sake of users is not empty talk, more and more manufacturers public commitment on receipt of the buyer's calls, rapidly assist the buyer in the user to solve the problem: can not solve problems immediately sent to the phone. The establishment of the buyer seller user spare parts warehouse. Seller buyer user reporting system to establish the required spare parts. With the development of the emerging network technology make the remote control to become a reality, the cooperation between suppliers and users will be more understanding, new technology, new technology application will push costs down further.

(4) save energy: heat treatment "fifteen" planning requirements, the main industrial city heat treatment plant average power consumption is reduced to below 500KWh / T. The mesh belt furnace energy utilization rate will increase to 360 - 420 KWh / T (including quenching cleaning tempering).

Commonly used technology, waste heat utilization technology of furnace shell heat exchanger, gas welding technology, reducing the area of the surface of the oven body (such as a cylinder type) of energy saving technology. The 0.48 super light anti carburizing bricks, ultra light weight insulating brick, ultra lightweight thermal insulation board, fire cotton lining technology makes the furnace wall temperature rise of 6 ℃. The fast cooling technology in tempering furnace. Using high pressure air blowing oil saving technology. The straight type atmosphere using air and propane can save 80% of the cost of the atmosphere. With the west east gas transmission project implementation, mesh belt furnace directly using an energy natural gas will expand, will bring the overall significant energy-saving effect. Process equipment energy-saving technology application, shorten the period of heat treatment process, such as carbon steel Zero heat preservation heat treatment: (thin-layer carburizing carbonitriding) direct quenching tempering: ellipsis dioxygen probe two district, the carbon potential control shorten the carburizing, carbonitriding process will expand the application of time.

The heat treatment of 1.4 clean

The World Summit Conference on environment and development in 1992 through the "sweet first Century agenda" advocated the development of cleaner production, nine five years in China to accelerate scientific progress in the "decision" will be officially listed as the common technology of clean production promotion focus development. Further promotion and development of various clean heat treatment technology and cleaning, cleaning technology of 04 'fifteen "during various wastewater, exhaust gas, waste residue emissions must meet the national relevant standards, in 2015 and strive to achieve heat treatment production on the environment pollution to zero. Sweet first Century mesh belt furnace in the production process of the environmental impact is reduced to zero. The aqueous quenching medium gradually replacing quenching oil more. Quenching oil to achieve online closed-loop control, the use of advanced oil water separation technology, oil purification technology (separation of oil-water separator can be less than lOPPM. Centrifugal oil cleaner, impurities can remove oil 1Lt). Recovery of cooking fume pollution electrostatic recovery rate of up to 0.999. The mesh belt furnace hot zone length is lengthened quenching cleaner burning grease removal method.

The mesh belt furnace production line adopts no pollution DX gas tempering Blackening Technology, no pollution by tempering heat black technology has replaced traditional blackening pollution. Thermal pollution belt is zero.


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