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Next year the vacuum furnace development speed will return to 15%

China Vacuum Furnace Industry Association recently predicted, vacuum furnace industry annual sales growth will have a larger drop than the level of more than 30% last year, but the growth rate can reach about 20%, is expected next year the economic performance of the whole industry will return by nearly two years of sustained rapid growth to the development speed is about 15% of the annual king. At the national macro-control under the guidance, expected in the next two years in petroleum and chemical equipment manufacturing industry will be rapid development.

The industry will continue to "uneven"

The macro-control focus on adjusting the structure. In the vacuum furnace industry, some industries have a cooling effect, but some other fields obtained the opportunity to speed up the development of. Specifically, will continue to "heat" of the industry, agricultural machinery, machine tools, electrical appliances general petrochemical industry and engineering, vacuum furnace, the automobile industry is not out of the "cold" signs.

In the agricultural machinery industry, along with the country to support the "three rural" the implementation of the policy, this year's harvest is at hand, the income of the farmers call, especially the national and provincial agricultural subsidies to buy special implement, make a new round of "the heat" will appear; large and medium horsepower tractors, especially tractors of 60 horsepower or more this year, has been selling, to July has produced more than 5 Taiwan, the market is still in short supply; wheat combine harvester from the beginning of June, the state purchase subsidies issued with, rice combine market "hot" situation, this year is expected to full feed rice combine production and sales will exceed 20000 units, more than double last year. Rice transplanter will also become a new bright spot of agricultural


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