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The development of new energy but also in accordance with the law

Rising oil prices forced people to focus the search for alternative energy sources, and the new energy industry is to meet the urgent needs. Of particular concern is: the government issued many policies to support new energy in China, especially in the last year at the Party Congress, it is clear that we should vigorously develop renewable energy. Renewable energy ethanol, biodiesel and solar energy to reduce the world's dependence on oil, so investors every year to spend billions of dollars in renewable energy. I believe in the policy tilt, the scale of industrialization of solar energy, wind energy, biomass and other new energy will continue to expand, has the size advantage and resource advantage of new energy companies will have larger development space. Can foreknow, contains a huge wealth of new energy industry will show rapid growth momentum. According to the development planning in China, the renewable energy industry will foster the emerging market of nearly two trillion yuan in the next 15 years. Facing the vast potential market, the future development of new energy industry is undoubtedly a smooth road.

However, the development of these alternative energy may produce some beat all consequences -- these side effects even benefits offset them can bring. Li Chengxuan's situation in the village are living examples.

Data show: a serious shortage of polysilicon materials in the world, the past 5 years the price from $20 per kilogram rose to $300. China Company eager to fill the gap. Because of the large amount of risk investment, and eager to find a clean alternative energy provided by the government of the favourable conditions, more than 20 polysilicon production enterprises set up a factory in china. The new plant total production capacity is expected to reach 80000 tons ~10 tons, is almost two times more than the current global production. And the production of polysilicon by-product silicon tetrachloride -- four -- is a highly toxic substance. Experts say, for dumping or buried four chlorinated silicon land will become gally, grass and trees can't grow here, has great potential hazard. It not only toxic, but also pollute the environment. In addition, the fabrication of silicon cells involving diffusion furnace, if not equipped with environmental protection facilities, acidic and alkaline gas will be discharged directly into the air. As industry experts pointed out, no matter what the enterprise, as long as the production of it must be clean production, protect environment. Not because the country to encourage new energy companies ignore environmental inputs, any enterprise must act according to the law of environmental protection.

Therefore, the author hopes, local government departments to work, the real thing in strengthening environmental governance, should not only pay attention to the adjustment of industrial structure and technological innovation, but also grasp environmental law enforcement; not only to effectively shut down the heavily polluting enterprises, is related to the development of new energy industry will make no exception, strictly, the pollution behavior can not allow someone to continue. To thoroughly clean the local "local policies, and strengthen environmental supervision, responsible for environmental illegal if the circumstances are serious shall be investigated for criminal responsibility. Hundred-percent to implement the central environmental protection policies and laws and regulations only in practical work, to continue to promote resource-saving, environment-friendly society construction process, in order to achieve sound and rapid economic and social development.

At present our country with the use of small hydropower, wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy, as the representative of the use of renewable energy is not big enough. From the planning objectives in the development of renewable energy over the momentum and countries at present, by 2020, this proportion may increase to 15%. If the state in laws and supporting policies and technical measures to give strong support, in the next few decades, the renewable energy industry in our country can get greater development.


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