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Photovoltaic industry: new opportunities for Chinese semiconductor supporting industry

In 1947 Baer Shockley, the invention of the transistor in 1958 laboratory, Fairchild Corp RobertNoyce (Robert Noyes) and TI JackKilby (Jack Kilby) were invented silicon and germanium integrated circuit based on 1971, Intel launched 1KBDRAM (dynamic random access memory), in 1984 the Japanese launched 1MBDRAM and 256KBSRAM (static random access memory), in every step of integrated circuit technology. And in the process, they cannot do without the semiconductor equipment and materials constantly bring forth the new through the old.

Supporting industry is the cornerstone of integrated circuit and electronic industry

Semiconductor equipment and materials industry is referred to as the supporting industry of integrated circuit, the integrated circuit industry supporting industry established on this basis, the electronic terminal system based on the integrated circuit industry, so as the semiconductor equipment and materials industry supporting industry is the foundation of the electronics industry.

In a sense, integrated circuit fabrication techniques mainly in the hands of the equipment suppliers and materials suppliers, develop their manufacturing technology of integrated circuit plays a very key role. If there is no equipment and advanced materials, will not be able to produce advanced integrated circuit.

From the perspective of integrated circuit design, EDA (Electronic Design Automation) technology support tools and design industry. If no EDA design tools, circuit cannot imitate, integrated circuit is not designed, so EDA is the core of integrated circuit design, semiconductor equipment and materials is the core of the integrated circuit production technology and process.

In addition, some countries in the world semiconductor equipment key subject to export control to China, it is not difficult to see that the importance of supporting industry in the integrated circuit industry in.

The rapid development of photovoltaic industry bring new opportunities to support Chinese semiconductor industry

After many years of technical accumulation, China semiconductor industry development good support. Such as ion with the procedure before the injection machine, semiconductor etching machine, diffusion furnace, rapid thermal processing equipment, cleaning machine, coater developer, after the procedure using the dicing machine, plastic sealing machine, for single crystal furnace, equipment of material grinding machine, polishing machine, fast development. Some domestic equipment has become more mature, and part of the equipment has been used in domestic 200mm, 300mm production line. But into the domestic equipment 300mm, 90nm process is little, not to mention the access to the 45nm process, "no production experience" as the development of China semiconductor industry soft rib support.

China PV industry is the rapid development in recent years, has brought new opportunities to support the development of industry. Because of the demands of the precision of the electronic equipment materials for equipment and material for solar grade specific integrated circuit technology in the use of relatively low, so the semiconductor supporting industry of China to provide a large number of production equipment and materials, solar grade opportunities, but also to the local equipment and materials company brought development and the profit very good. With this opportunity, China Semiconductor supporting industry can expand rapidly, the formation of scale. Solar energy, LED (light emitting diode) and packaging and testing industry gradually developed in China, provides a technical support for China's semiconductor industry gradient, so that these enterprises can find the development of the market at different levels, and accumulated valuable experience in the production. The production and accumulation of experience, production technology, management experience and capital, is very beneficial for the development of the integrated circuit industry.

At present, the development of the global semiconductor industry showed two trends. The first trend is the global semiconductor industry is slowing down, profit margins decline; the second trend is the photovoltaic industry as well as the LED (light emitting diode) the rapid development of the industry. LuxResearch (Market Research Agency) the latest forecast report on solar energy market, the global solar sales will grow by an average of 27% growth rate increased from $21200000000 in 2007 to $70900000000 in 2012.


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