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Automatic program- control diffusion furnace

§Function characteristics

§★ IPC: control equipment characteristics: IPC has a plurality of process curve, call convenient; operation, with power failure memory function touch computer interface, convenient operation; with over temperature protection function
§Diffusion furnace used in semiconductor devices, discrete devices, optoelectronic devices, electronic devices, and the large scale integrated circuit manufacturing and other fields of wafer diffusion, oxidation, annealing, alloy and sintering process, can be used for 2-8 inch sizes.
§★ full Chinese Windows interface, can edit the parameters, convenient operation.
§★ can save a plurality of process curve, each curve can be set step.
§Automatic operation control function. The process curve. Making
§★ automatic operation can pause / continue running function.
§★ process can be forced to jump to the next process step function. Making
§★ intelligent temperature gradient function.
§★ PID parameters self-tuning function.
§★ system failure detection and alarm function
§★ Smart Cantilever push and pull the boat control function.
§★ blackouts breakpoint resume operation function.
§★ process gas program control (electromagnetic valve / mass flow controller).
§★ according to the special requirements of users increase or decrease the corresponding function.
§     The main technical indicators:
§★ furnace tube diameter: s 90~ s 300 (2 inch ~8 inch) making
§     The length and accuracy. Constant temperature zone: ≤ 1250mm ± 0.5 (300 ℃ ~1290 ℃)
§★ temperature control instrument: imported high precision temperature control instrument making
§★ source number: 1~4 main pipeline road making
§★ gas species: N2, H2, O2, HCL etc.
§★ source control: MFC or float flowmeter
§★ push and pull the boat trip: the maximum 2000mm
§★ sliding range and accuracy of the boat speed: (20~1000) + 2mm/min making
§★ push and pull the boat: simple type, cantilever, SiC silicon paddle
§★ cooling: water + air making

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