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Hydrogen sintering furnace

§Ceramic metal hydrogen sintering furnace is mainly used for firing the device raw porcelain, black pottery, ceramic metallization process, the entire configuration by importing the same equipment for
Ceramic metal hydrogen sintering furnace main technical indicators:
Working temperature :800-1700 ℃
Maximum working temperature: ≤ 1700 ℃
Temperature zone: 1550 ℃ when, ≤ 400mm / ± 5 ℃
Shielding gas: H2, N2
Furnace size: according to user requirements
Grid voltage: 380V ± 10%
Maximum power: ≤ 20 KVA
And import and export feed opening the door, using imported 310 stainless steel
Form of operation: continuous work, attempting to adjust the size of the control
The discharge port is equipped with water cooling system
Furnace body on both sides with water cooling system for the furnace
Imported computer controlled temperature program
Equipped with over-temperature, water alarm
Can be manual and automatic control
Computer programs used in Japan thermostat thermostat, digital temperature
Mechanical pusher frequency adjustable feeding speed
Heating using internal heating method

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