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Labour high vacuum furnace

§Vacuum sintering furnace is mainly used in power semiconductor devices, sintering, welding and other process? Device parameters:
Piping :1-3
★ Diameter: Φ100mm-Φ350mm (user-defined)?
★ Work: share a heating element, A, B, C pipe work alternately
★ Working temperature :300-1000 ℃?
★ temperature zone 400mm-1000mm ± 3 ℃
★ Cold Vacuum: 5Χ10-4Pa
★ Vacuum System: Mechanical Pump + K300 diffusion pump ★ valves: Φ300 main valve and the flapper valve pneumatic solenoid valve heating
★ Power: 47KW
★ vacuum gauge: composite digital form
★ inflatable Type: N2, Ar, H2
★ automatic control system, manual

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