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LPCVD chemical phase deposition equipment

★ equipment use: thin film prepared by Si3N4, Poly-Si, SiO2 thin film growth.
The raw material gas (or liquid source gasification TEOS) heat activated chemical application in the radical generating surface thin solid films. Under low pressure, the low pressure, molecular mean free path of gas, so that the growth of the thin film uniformity is good, the vertical unloading, loading capacity, and is suitable for industrialized production. A set automatically, on the other Peite holder. Vacuum system optional import unit.
★ equipment characteristics:
Automatic control "process time, temperature, gas flow, the valve action, reaction chamber pressure program 1 computer;
2 closed loop control, the inlet pressure control system, high stability.
3 pipe fittings, valve adopts imported stainless steel for corrosion resistance, air tightness and long-term reliable.
4 process pipe, sealing reliable indicators of high vacuum system.
The 5 reaction gas molecules aspirated and shower aspirated, avoid to produce gas phase reaction
The 6 alarm and safety interlock device is arranged reasonably, equipment safety high performance index.
7 control panel with good man-machine interface, flexible process performance, more convenient to use.
★ The main technical index:
2-6 inch silicon nitride, silicon and silicon dioxide films
Loading quantity: 25 ~ 100 / furnace tube
A temperature of 300-900 ℃ (according to the customer process custom)
The constant temperature zone 760 mm ± 0.5 ℃
Temperature gradient: 0 ~ 30 ℃ /500mm (adjustable)
The vacuum system limit: 0.8Pa
Pressure range: 27Pa ~ 133Pa (adjustable)
The deposited film uniformity: Si3N4 making ± 3%
The deposited film uniformity: Poly-Si ± 4%
The deposited film uniformity: SiO2 making ± 5%
Application of wafer size: 2-6)
Vacuum system of mechanical pump and roots pump, pumping well equipped with cold
The temperature controller adopts imported 10-15 Inch Touch Screen
The gas SiH4, NH3 and N2
To control the import quality flowmeter
Using imported pneumatic valve and pressure relief valve
The action sequence for the PLC programming control
The film pressure controller and closed-loop control pressure valve.

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